Hi there, welcome to ‘edugeist: the spirit of outstanding’!

A little about myself…

I am a twenty-eight year old English teacher currently working in a thriving 11-18 academy on the outskirts of Norwich, UK. I’ve been teaching for six years and love going in each day to meet my classes. Long may that continue!

I am responsible for leading literacy across the curriculum and for KS3-5 English intervention as well as leading AS/A-level Media Studies.

My teaching style is a conscious hybrid of old-fashioned academic ‘rigour’ (Gove has ruined that word) and modern innovative exploratory techniques. I’ve described myself previously as a ‘bridge’ teacher or ‘nu-old school’.  (I’m well aware that this paragraph alone stands to open a can of worms and look forward to the passionate debate!) Essentially, I view teaching as an ever-evolving art-form which benefits from research, exploration, discovery and plenty of anecdotes. There is no one right way to teach; if it works, use it! However, a little research and reflective thinking can go a long way…

A little about this blog…

Having discovered edu-blogging last year, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the world of online discussion, debate and professional development. I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own blog; it’ll be just like those fervent lunch-time conversations in the staff room (of which we need more).

So… why ‘edugeist’?

Education seems to always be in a state of flux. Movements come and go, pedagogy moves in cycles and political ideologies change with the wind. This blog is about capturing the essence of outstanding teaching, no matter the zeitgeist. This blog is about identifying & promoting ideas that will result in outstanding teaching & learning, every time. This blog is about celebrating the spirit of outstanding. So check your ideology at the door and welcome to ‘edugeist’!


24th Nov 2013



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